Wednesday, January 14, 2015

GoPro Announces Wireless Streaming Video

I have been a fan of GoPro for several years now.  Once they hit the HD revolution with their tiny camera's the world was amazed.  They have continued to just get better and better as the years go on.  This year they announced and released the HD Hero 4 with some amazing upgrades.  I'm always a step behind this curve (cuz I'm cheap) and once the 4 was released I landed me a deal on a 3+ upgrading from my plain Jane HD Hero.

Today GoPro has moved forward announcing that they have teamed up with Vislink who is a global technology business specializing in the collection, transmission, management and distribution of high quality video associated data from the field to the point of usage.  This will be an amazing breakthrough in the world of POV camera's especially in the active sporting community.  These camera's can be worn on athletes and the footage transmitted directly to the producers of the show.  No more changing cards back and forth for the post production transmission of images.  The footage will be instantaneous.

This will be so cool.  If we can get Football players to strap one of these bad boys on, the hits in the game are going to soon be that much more intense.  The ski crashes during Olympic races could start becoming more epic, or snowboard racing could start getting way more intense.  This is going to be so awesome.

Looking at it in regards to the outdoor sports world we could be taking camera's on real time explorations for film productions and documentaries.  The caving and scuba diving worlds could be seeing things unfold right before our eyes in real time.  This will be fantastic (of course the question of range and obstructions I'm sure will play a role in this.

Check out the complete story on GoPro Website Here:

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