Friday, March 9, 2012

Canyoneering / Canyoning in recent media

There have been several occurances or opportunities to view videos this week within the realm of Canyoneering.  Thought I would post links to them here for your viewing pleasure.   One is actually a few years old but still a good one.  Another is a trailer for an upcoming documentary on the Grand Canyon and Canyoneering with in its bounds.  The other one is a new video done by the San Juan County Economic / Tourism department highlighting the recreational activities in the area which include Canyoneering with North Wash Outfitters.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Changes to Zion Wilderness System

While we don't guide or take part in much of the Canyoneering going on in the Zion National Park area, we know that many of you do and that this information would be of great interest to many of our customers.  Zion National Park has changed the permit system for drawing out canyon permits and it seems like it is a step up from the older system that would cause long lines at the back country desk and really tired/drowsy trips through those canyons.  Here posted is the news release from Zion NPS located at this link here:


March 1, 2012
Ray O'Neil, 435-772-7823
Backcountry Desk, 435-772-0170

Zion National Park has changed its wilderness permit system to allow visitors to reserve last minute slot canyon day use permits via an online reservation system. This new system will eliminate the need for visitors to wait in line at the visitor center for permits. Reservations for popular day trips such as the Subway (Left Fork), Mystery Canyon and The Narrows are now available at

In late fall of 2011, the park requested comments from visitors about possible options for upgrading the wilderness permit procedures. Over 150 comments were received and the vast majority of respondents indicated a preference for an online system to replace the current system. The previous system required visitors to arrive early in the morning and wait in long lines to assure access to the limited number of available last minute permits.

The last minute drawing is held at 1:00 pm MT, two days prior to the requested date of the trip. Entries for the last minute drawing are available seven days prior to the drawing until noon MST two days before a trip date. Applicants are immediately notified of the status of their request via email. Procedures for advance reservations have not changed. Visitors are most likely to secure their desired reservation if they use the advance reservation system up to three months prior to their trip. The process for obtaining overnight permits has not changed. Half of all back country campsites are available online, the remaining sites are offered as walk-in permits that become available the day before the beginning of a trip. Please visit for more information.