Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is playing hard to get!!

Well this year spring is certainly playing hard to get.  We have had a banner year as far as snowfall in the Four Corners.  Not the best year ever mind you, but a good one.  The canyons are going to be full and take a long time to dry out.

A couple of weeks ago we drove out through Cedar Mesa up to Hite Marina on Lake Powell and into the North Wash area to check out the snow levels.  Driving from Blanding the snow was thick through Cedar Mesa and didn't start to taper until we passed the Bears Ears / Natural Bridges National Monument area.  After that most snow was on the north facing slopes only and every where else was heavily saturated with standing water.  White Canyon was flowing approx. 8 inches deep.

Lake Powell area had no snow except for the occasional north facing shaded spot but still had run off coming from the cliffs with small waterfalls hitting the road in places.

North Wash area had  no visible snow, but the wash itself was running which I rarely see.  There is going to be water for a while.

Two weeks ago the weather broke enough for me and a couple of friends to get out and dust some ropes off and teach them a refresher on rappelling and give them their first instruction on how to ascend a fixed rope.  It was a sunny day, the wind was blowing and a bit chilly, but it was nice to get out and play.

We woke Yesterday (April Fools Day) to two inches of snow.  Mostly gone now and we are looking forward to upcoming trips and classes this spring and hope to have the weather warming up after this weekend.   Here are a few pics from our excursion two weeks ago.  You can also follow along more frequently on our Facebook page.  Look forward to seeing you out in the canyons this year.

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