Wednesday, June 22, 2011

North Wash Outfitters highlighted in article

Well, I guess we should find out what constitutes plagiarism before posting this, but gonna do it anyway.

We were highlighted in an article this month depicting various activities you can enjoy in  San Juan County while visiting.  I will post the section about us here and then a link at the bottom to the entire article.  It's been a great year and the canyons this year are really in some of the most perfect conditions we have seen.  Get out and have a good time this summer.  Hope to see you in some of them.

Day three, canyoneering in Fry Canyon.

North Wash Outfitters in Blanding operates guided canyoneering adventures in a section of the great canyon country known as the Colorado Plateau.  One of their best is a day trip into Fry Canyon, a fun and easily accessible technical slot. The route contains two short sections of narrows and a visit to some great Anasazi ruins. The canyon is quite pretty and the second narrows photographs extremely well.  The route is short and is not really committing. There are many opportunities to escape from the canyon bottom if you’re a “never-ever” and begin to feel uncomfortable. The route contains one rappel, several easy downclimbing problems and a short swim.

At the get-go, right off of the highway, you’ll swim and wade through a gallery of light bouncing off of the red rock canyon walls, a wonderful spectacle in the early morning light. After this bit of narrows, the canyon opens up into a broad dry wash which gradually gets deeper with every bend. Soon the wash tightens up again and it is time to break out the ropes. Moving any further down canyon requires going straight down. Waiting at the bottom of this 50′ rappel is a wonderful cavern, usually filled with a cool pool of water! The swim is short but fun and breathtaking as you negotiate between the red rock walls of the canyon.

Soon you’ll emerge from this beautiful pocket of fluted and ornately polished walls of convoluted rock to the warming rays of the sun and view the history above you on the cliff walls. Waiting there at the end is a wonderfully preserved site of Ancient American History. The Anasazi used to inhabit this canyon and used the pools of water as a water source during the long dry summer months. After a short break and change in attire, you’ll continue down the canyon to the confluence of White Canyon. From here you’ll head up the canyon to begin the ascent to the rim and a quick return back to where it all started.

Fry Canyon is great for an introduction to canyoneering. The section that requires ropes contains an exciting and photogenic rappel, breathtaking narrows, and a bit of swimming. One great thing about Fry Canyon is that it lends itself well to an educational experience in both canyoneering skills and Native American History.  North Wash Outfitters is accredited by the American Canyoneering Association.  In addition to guiding services, they provide all the necessary gear and equipment.