Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Canyoneering Courses in Southeastern Utah

Well 2011 is here (OK, we're 2 months behind saying that) and we are pleased - No we're STOKED - for this years season.  There have been a lot of dramatic movements in the Canyoneering world this year.  Most notable is the Hollywood feature film "127 Hours" highlighting the struggle of Canyoneering Icon Aron Ralston.

There has also been an increase in guide company's popping up this year.  A result of the expected increase in popularity due to the movie? Who Knows.  We are privileged to be continuing this year with our hugely popular Canyoneering Courses.  We have enjoyed over the years meeting people from all over the lower 48 states and even some from outside the lower 48.  We look forward to making many more friends this year and hope that you will be one of them.  Contact us with any questions you may have regarding any of our Canyoneering options.

Spring 2011 3 Day Technical Canyoneering Courses:

March 17-19, 2011
April 14-16, 2011
April 25-27, 2011*
May 12-14, 2011
June 9-11, 2011

*Our April 25-27 course is set to preceed the North Wash Rendezvous of member of the American Canyoneering Association (ACA).  Participation in these courses include a membership to the ACA and therefore allowing you access to these and other rendezvous at membership rates.