Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Adventure Vlog Episode 1

Well, it becomes more and more apparent that we are terrible with keeping up writing blog posts.  I am always in fear that my posts will be somewhat redundant and boring more times than not.  We love to be in the outdoors and explore and share that with others, but when it comes to writing about it, well........  We certainly fall short.

So, in comes a new technique, hopefully one that will be a little easier to keep going.  Ever since I was a kid I have always been fascinated with television and movie production and for a while really wanted to go into the film business as an editor or something where I got to create the film from the technology side.  Taking radio broadcasting and video productions classes in High School was a lot of fun and totally the best classes I was taking.  Fast forward to adult life and things change, but passions don't always go away.  I have always like the outdoors and have always like film production.  When I started Canyoneering and exploring, I quickly realized that I might be able to combine these two passions.  Shortly I invested a few hundred dollars in a Digital Video Camera, one that would take a mini DV tape that it recorded on.  I used this for a few years and made some videos to put on our website for fun.  This was before YouTube came out.  There were several of us doing this, and I had a blast.  Things transformed and I got out of the habit for a bit when HD became available.  I didn't want to invest in the new equipment to start working HD.  Then GoPro comes a long and improves their technology so much that it was once again easy to use and edit.  I invested again in several hundred dollars for a camera and accessories as well as a new computer and software to start editing.  This was fun for a while and we started a YouTube channel to house all of our videos and moved some of our old ones online.  I soon had a blast again combining the two passions.

After a few years, it started getting redundant and I wasn't' creating anything new.  I felt like I was just gonna start posting the same things over and over.  Now I have a Terabyte hard drive sitting with tons of video footage on it.

Enter the new era I have discovered.  Vlogging.  Now, I don't like to sit down to a computer and write a blog, but I love sitting down and editing video as well as shooting it.  For me this is the kind of story telling that makes the most fun to me.  I have re-amped up our YouTube presence, but have moved a lot of our old videos to a new location.  YouTube took my old channel and made it a bit of a pain to tie into our YouTube presence.  I am not a fan of moving things again and starting over, but hope that the change will move us forward.

Our new videos are going to be a bit more story telling, Vlogging style and I am hoping to show us off with a little more interaction.  To start this off, we took a trip out for the REI campaign on Black Friday for #OptOutside.  We drove only with in 45 min of home and were able to take three different hikes/walks from the car to see some amazing scenery and sites.  I hope you will like this new format (I will still occasionally put up just "Music Video" highlight reels as well).  Please follow our YouTube Channel, comment, like, post, engage with us so we know what you think.  We hope you have a great winter season, we look so forward to spring already and the weather warming up again.  Here's to new adventures and experiences.  Get outdoors and enjoy.

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