Saturday, May 28, 2011

4 Canyons, 7 hrs, 12.5 miles!!

Monday May 16th Jared headed to North Wash to do some scouting for a youth group.  The group leader Jeff is planning on bringing a group to the North Wash area for an introduction to Canyoneering.  Jeff wanted to get a good idea of some of the canyons there and what Jared had in mind to take them through as well as put together some videos and pictures to take back and show the group.  The two of them hit the slot canyons hard, fast, and as light as possible that day and did both forks of the Blarney's and then moved on to both forks of the Shillelagh's.  12.5 miles of hiking 4 forks of canyons in 7 hours and Jared was back home in time for dinner.  Here is the video that Jeff shot and edited down from 7 hours worth of clips and photos into this little gem.  Enjoy Canyoneering North Wash!