Canyoneering Videos

Canyoneering is a fun and exciting sport, once you get past the possible dangers. It is a sport that isn't for everyone, especially those with a fear of heights and Claustrophobia. One of my hobbies besides canyoneering is playing around with video equipment. In the beginning I periodically carried my digital camcorder and now have upgraded to a high def POV (GoPro) Camera that is my constant companion which I carry through the canyons and am often times able to get some fun video. Later it is even more fun to take those clips and put them together in a short video with music for added excitement. I have posted here ones that I have done for you to enjoy and comment on. Some are ones that I have shot and edited, a couple are ones that friends have shot and had me edit. I will periodically add more to this page as I have time to make more. You can click the link to view it streaming in Windows Media Player format, or if that doesn't work, you can right click and click on save target as and download them to your computer to watch.  Some of the newer ones are linked to our YouTube Channel where we will continue to be adding more to that. I Hope You Enjoy Them.

Fun Videos

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