Canyoneering Related Websites

During the course of our Canyoneering courses at North Wash Outfitters, handouts are given to the participants to have something to review with, as well as some critical safety information.  One of those hand outs that is given out is a page of what I call "General Links."  This is a page of Internet links that I have collected over the years, and which I frequently find helpful in my Canyoneering pursuits.  Often I come across a new link that would be useful to our participants.  The problem is that our past participants won't receive this information.  I am posting this information here where former participants can check up on any new information we have come across.

Routes and General information on Canyoneering:

ACA Canyon Database
ACA Canyons Booklet
Average Joe Road Trips
Climb Utah
Todd's Desert Hiking Guide
Minislot Guide to the Colorado Plateau
Slot Canyons of The Southwest
Blue Mountains Canyoning FAQ Guide

Anchoring, Knots, Rope Work:

Alternative anchoring by Dave Black
Life on a Line
Considerations for Rope Rescue by Kenneth N. Laidlaw
Animated Knots

Weather and Maps:

National Weather Service
National Weather Service Flash Flood Warnings
Geological Society
Topo Zone
Google Earth
World Wind
Weather For You

Canyoneering  Social Networking Sites:

ACA Forums
Bogley Outdoor Community
Yahoo Canyons Group (Must have a Yahoo Account to view)
Yahoo Chick Fest Group(Must have a Yahoo Account and be Female to view)

Obtaining Permits:

Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department

If you have any sites that fit in with teaching information or connecting Canyoneers, let us know and if it fits, we will add it here.

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